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Scanning Documents in PA

document scanning services in Philadelphia

Is it time for your business to go paperless? Organizations across Pennsylvania use document scanning to digitize papers into electronic documents. After it is in a digital format, documents are simpler to find. If you need a document, it is easily accessible with a basic keyword query. Access to every file can be restricted to particular workers or groups of employees.

This puts any document on a need-to-know basis. Access must be controlled to prevent workers from misusing the confidential data of employees and customers. Additionally, every document has a lifespan and an electronic document management software package can automatically eliminate outdated records.

Create a Conversion Plan

If you want to transition to a paperless office the first thing is to work on is a record retention plan. Figure out how long you want to retain each type of document, then determine which employees need access to each document. This guide should be distributed to each worker.

Next, you’ll want to clean out all of your unwanted documents. Have anyone who uses official records shred documents that are past their due date. Also, provide shredding bins around your office to hold the unwanted records until it time to shred them. Have employees go through their personal files using the company document management policy and destroy everything unnecessary. Don’t make extra work by digitizing documents you’ll never need.

The third step is to determine what documents you will need going forward. If you most likely won’t be referencing it again, then storing the original document is the better option. Everything you have left is what you should scan.

Next, it’s time for the physical act of scanning. You can purchase scanners and assign the work to an employee or contractor. Or you can find a local Philadelphia scanning service. If you have a box or two then assigning an employee to do the job will work. But as your number of documents grows, it can dwarf your capacity. In this scenario, a scanning service is recommended. 

Philadelphia Paper Shredding makes the conversion project easy by partnering with the best, high-speed scanning operators and experts who perform this work daily. They index the scanned documents, making your records organized and easy to find.

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Take a step in the right direction and transition to a paperless office. Electronic documents are secure, easy to access and simple to share. Philadelphia Paper Shredding’s contractors will get all of your documents scanned while you continue to focus on your everyday business functions. Call us at (856) 334-1735 or fill out the form on the left for free quotes on your scanning project.

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